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Rongying spirit: Reduce Reuse Recycle

Our aim is to reduce the consumption of plastic products. Nowadays, plastic products are full filled from mountain to the sea. Even animals mistake them as food.
Rongying is the b
iodegradable product's materials&eco-friendly straw manufacturer, take the eco-friendly material – plant starch— as the straw material. Not only concern the eco environment issue, but also give back good elements to the earth.
Together, by going green for the environment and by using biodegradable materials, we can protect our planet as well as the life of our next generations.

About Straws
1.Natural plant material.
2.Eco friendly.
3.Biodegradable & Compostable;Non methane.;biodegrade into water and CO2.
4.Remaining farming for other agricultural produce.



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Beliefs : Environmental Sustainability

All our products marterials are recyclable.
All used material will be reused and be reproduced in the same industry. 
Developing new processes for energy efficiency in order to meet people’s daily demand and to help the industry. 
Joint us! Promoting the renewable resources  to help the earth greener.

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